– Admit it you want to taste my wiener shirt

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This could mean there are more people on your gift list than usual and at a time when you may be looking to stick to a budget. Look no further than our holiday-gift installment of Vogue’s 100 Under $100 column, with under-$100 gift ideas. Price-conscious gifts do not have to feel lackluster. In fact, some of the best gifts from top designers ring in under $100, from a Loewe candle for the homebody to a Prada water bottle for the workout enthusiast.

Admit it you want to taste my wiener shirt

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays in the same living room or on separate coasts, thoughtful gifts can go a long way. Here, $100 gift ideas for everyone on your list (even yourself!) that are sure to impress and help finish out the year on a high note.

Admit it you want to taste my wiener Unisex Hoodie

While the holidays are about quality time spent with loved ones, this holiday season looks different than in years past. Visiting with friends and family will likely happen at a distance or by way of FaceTimes and Zoom calls. So in lieu of bear hugs, cheek kisses, and piling onto couches with cousins and friends, thoughtfully chosen gifts can let the people you care about know you’re thinking about them.

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